How To Avoid Paying For Web Hosting Renewal Fee Yearly

How to get avoid paying for web hosting renewal

A web hosting is an essential asset you must have if you are serious about making tangible income online. It houses your website and helps your customers find you whenever they need you. I’m sure you know this even if you are a newbie.

Due to its importance in the world of internet business, the various web hosting companies around the world charge you a fee to host your website and keep it running.

This fee ranges from $38.88 to $150 per year for shared web hosting. If you want a dedicated server, you will be ready to shell out even more.

But as a beginner with little or no capital to spend on hosting every year, what should you do?

You can’t probably decide not to have a website. Rather you should be thinking of how to have your website running without having to pay monthly or yearly renewal fees for your web hosting.

So how do you do that?

How can you own a website and keep it running without spending money on the huge renewal fees?

I’m going to show you two ways to achieve that in this post. Let’s quickly get started:

  • Get a free web hosting

As a newbie without enough capital to get your own web hosting account, the first advice is usually to go for a free hosting service like Blogger or WordPress.

This web hosting service enables you to host your website on their servers for absolutely free. You don’t even have to pay for domain name too as they also offer that to you.

With it, you can be able to test the waters to know how the whole internet thing works before diving in with your hard earned funds.

However, there are still limitations to the use of free web hosting services. Of course, you should expect it since you are not paying for it.

An example of limitation you will experience with free web hosting is full control of your hosting service.

With the free web hosting service, you won’t be completely in control of your web hosting service as your website can be deleted anytime the free web hosting service provider feels you violated their rules.

This will imply you starting afresh.

But if you will take time to study their rules and policies, you will easily navigate without getting banned.

Additionally, your domain name won’t look professional as it will have the extension of the free hosting provider attached to it.

So instead of having, your domain will be or, depending on the service you choose.

Like I said, you should use a free web hosting service to test the waters and see how the internet marketing stuffs work. As soon as you can, you should move into a full web hosting service.

  • Get a lifetime hosting

Perhaps, the best way to have a full web hosting service without having to pay the monthly or annual renewal fees is to go for a lifetime hosting service.

With this type of hosting service, you only pay once and you own the hosting account for life.

I guess you would be expecting that the fees are going to be outrageous so that the company can cover for the unlimited years they are not going to charge you.

Well, that is not necessarily the case.

With $19.95, you can host your website for life with a company like LifeTime.Hosting, which by the way, is the cheapest and most reliable lifetime hosting service I have seen.

The best thing about using lifetime hosting is that you will enjoy full control of your website.

You will enjoy many features which are not available to free hosting users. Some of these features include:

  • cPanel access
  • Custom domain name (
  • Customized emails (
  • Full access to your database (PhpMySql)
  • Web app installer
  • Faster load speed
  • Etc

The fact is: you would be able to host any type of website you desire with lifetime hosting service unlike with the free web hosting service.

Most importantly, with a lifetime hosting, you will pay just once and you won’t have to pay again ever. I think that sounds good to you.

Here’s the summary of everything

If you have zero capital to get started and you want a website, you should go for the free web hosting services like Blogger or WordPress.

But if you have limited capital and you would want a cheap but very reliable hosing service where you pay just once and you won’t have to pay again, then go for a lifetime hosting service like LifeTime.Hosting.

My advice

Due to the limitations you would get when you use a free hosting service, I advise you go for a lifetime hosting service so that you will have the full control and flexibility it offers. It will also help you build reputation faster and start making money online faster.

Even though there is a little cost attached to it, it’s far better than the conventional web hosting services that charge you outrageously every month or year. At least with a lifetime hosting, you can pay just once and never pay a dime to anyone forever.

Since LifeTime.Hosting offers the cheapest and most reliable service among lifetime hosting service providers, I recommend you try them.

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