How Web Hosting Companies Are Ripping You Off

how web hosting companies rip you off

Whether you are already using a particular web hosting company or you are about to purchase one, it is important that you understand all the gimmicks used by the web hosting companies to rip you off.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that by paying as low as $3 per month or getting a free domain, you are getting more value than you are paying for. In the long run, you will discover that you will actually pay more than you bargained for.

Here are some of the methods used by web hosting companies to fleece you off your hard earned money.

Costly renewals

Don’t be fooled by the $3.99 per month you see when you visit the web hosting page of any hosting company. This is usually a plot to attract you into the hosting package.

The truth is that when it comes to renewal, you are probably going to pay 3-5 time more than what you are asked to pay now. By that time, there’s nothing you would be able to do about it.

Imagine paying $19 per year when you are buying a new hosting service and when the time comes for renewal, you discover that you must pay $85 or even more.

It is a rip off because they don’t tell you this from the beginning.

Even when they do, they either hide it away in the “terms and conditions section” which they know that most people don’t read or shrink the text size and color so you don’t easily notice it.

Be careful of this when buying a hosting account.

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Free domains

Most web hosting companies will offer you free domain name when you are about to purchase a web hosting account from them.

But is it really free?

Absolutely no!

When the time comes to renew your hosting service, you will discover that the cost for the domain has appeared.

It gets worse when you discover that the price set for the domain might be as high as $24 for a domain that should cost you less than $12 to buy or even renew.

But by this time, you are already stuck.

The worst part is that you don’t really get to own the domain. The hosting company technically owns it since it was registered in their name when they gave it to you for free.

Thus you have no other option than to stick with them and pay any amount they bill you since you cannot afford to start afresh.

Be very careful of this when you are buying a domain name and hosting. Always take time to read their full terms and conditions.

Misleading reviews

Most reviews you read online about web hosting companies are most times false.

You see, the review websites are simply affiliate marketers who are out to make money by recommending web hosting companies.

Naturally, whichever web hosting company that pays the most to affiliates, gets higher reviews across most review websites. So don’t trust what you read on review websites completely.

Some web hosting companies even go to the extent of creating review websites themselves and ranking their services as the best there.

If you base your decision based on the reviews you read from review websites, you might be misled into choosing a hosting company with poor service.

So a better way is to go to forums and read what real customers are saying about the web hosting companies you intend to use.

Unlimited storage claim

Let me be upfront to you with the truth: there’s nothing like unlimited storage and bandwidth. The better word they should use is “unmetered”.

If you can take time to read the “terms of service”, you will discover that there is a limit to the usage of storage and bandwidth resource. As soon as you exceed that resource, your website would be deemed to have violated their policy and you will be suspended.

The bad thing here is that you don’t even know the actual amount of bandwidth or storgae resource you will use up before you are suspended and forced to pay more so your website can continue running.

So what then happens to the unlimited storage and bandwidth?

I remember using a web hosting company that offered unlimited bandwidth to me, but suspended my website when my daily visitors reached just 100.

It is better if a web hosting company will plainly tell you the amount of storage space and bandwidth they are giving you. That way, you will be sure of what you are getting for the amount you paid.

Before you pay for any hosting service, confirm the actually storage space and bandwidth they are offering you alongside the conditions attached to it. If not, you will wake up one day to see that your website is suspended and you would be forced to pay more money to get your website up again.

Website load speed and uptime

While the design and development of your website determines to a larger extent, the load speed of your website, the web hosting service you use also affects it too.

I have tested this once by uploading the same website to two different web hosts. The speeds of the both websites were different.

If you think this doesn’t really matter, bear in mind that few seconds delay in when loading your website, can make many of your visitors to close your website on their browser.

Of course, you know that every visitor that closes your website is a lost potential revenue for you. So would you want to keep losing your visitors to delayed load speed?

I advise you use forums and social media groups to find out from real customers the uptimes and load speeds of the web hosting you intend using.

You should also endeavor to find out if web hosting service you are about to choose pays attention to optimizing their hardware for optimum load speeds of websites using their service.

No guarantee for you to test their service

Most web hosting who have something to hide, will not offer you a money-back guarantee if they fail to live up to their promise. Even when they agree to offer it, they add a clause to their “terms of service” that will make you ineligible for the refund.

That way, they protect themselves and remain in business even when their services are poor.

Don’t become a victim to such web hosting companies. If you want to know a web hosting company that has a very high quality service, check if they offer you an unconditional refund if you are not satisfied with their service.

The bottom line is this:

If you are not careful, web hosting companies will rip you off your money and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

So it’s better you take time to research any web hosting company you want to use or are already using and read their terms of service carefully to ensure you are fully protected from their hidden unethical practices jeered at ripping you off.

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