Make Money On Fiverr: A Complete Step-by-step Guide

Make money from fiverr

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make money on Fiverr. I will bare everything I did to make $10,000+, from creating an account to getting my first job.

If you read my post on 5 sure ways to earn $100 per day online, you will see that Fiverr is one of the methods you can use to generate an average of $100 every day working just few hours.

What is Fiverr?

In case you don’t know, Fiverr is a website where you can sell your service to millions of people who visit the website daily to look for one service on the order.

The minimum amount you can charge for your services on Fiverr is $5 and Fiverr takes a 20% commission for handling the process. The 20% amounts to $1 and so you are left with $4.

But isn’t $4 too small?

Most people who know Fiverr from a distance, call it a slave arena where people work hard to earn just $4.

This is far from the truth.

Yes, the basic gig is $5, but you can earn as much as $100-$1000 on a single gig. It all depends on how you package yourself on the platform.

Make Money Form Fiverr

If you will follow my guide here, you will surely make money on Fiverr and prove to others that Fiverr is more than just a $5 arena.

Take a look at what Fiverr website looks like:

make money from Fiverr


NOTE: On Fiverr, each service/product you offer is called a “gig”. So whenever I mention the word GIG in this article, you should know that I am referring to the services you offer.

But Why Fiverr?

For you to start selling your skill online, you will need to have a professional website and promote it massively so that you can be able to make sales. This will sure cost you hundreds of dollars.

But to sell your skill and make money on Fiverr, you won’t need a website, hosting or other forms of expertise required to run your website successfully.

Fiverr already has the traffic you need as millions of people around the world visit Fiver daily to get one service or the other.

To make yourself visible to this millions of buyers that come to Fiverr daily to hire freelancers, you will have to optimize your gig so that you will always be one of the top people in the service you offer. You will also learn that later in this post.

Things You Need To Know If You Must Make Money On Fiverr

Before you can make money on Fiverr, it is good you look around the platform and know which niches sell fast.

If you find a niche that sells and which you have the capacity and skill to do, then take a look at the top sellers in that niche to see what they are doing already.

You will need to mirror these successful ones: how they wrote their profile, the way they wrote their Gig description and the tags they use. This will help you understand why they are at the top of the niche so that you do same.

Secondly, you have to create as many Gigs as you can. Fiverr gives you the opportunity of setting up 20 gigs on your account. In each gig, you can only describe one type of service. So an effective strategy to sell on Fiverr will be to create many gigs.

The reason is because Fiverr is a game of numbers.

You don’t know which of your gigs that will sell best. So it is good you create as many gigs as you can, even if they are all the same type of service. As orders starts rolling in, you can see the ones that are performing well.

Retain those ones and keep tweaking the ones that are not performing to see if it will gather momentum.

Lastly, try as much as possible to make your delivery faster than others. Telling people that you will give them express delivery (that is 24hours delivery) will make them patronize you since people want to get their work done as fast as possible.

With this in mind, you can easily jump the hurdles and make money on Fiverr faster than you think.

How To Sign Up On Fiverr

Joining Fiverr is very easy.

make money from fiver - login page

You can begin your signup process by visiting on your laptop and click on “JOIN NOW” button. This button is located at the top right corner of your screen. Then fill the information required.

NOTE: Ensure that you use the email that you check regularly as Fiverr will be sending you notifications through the email when you have a message or order from clients.

After signing up, Fiverr will send you a “confirmation email” with a link. This is sent to the email address you entered when signing up. Open the email and click the link it to get your account activated.

Setting Up Your Profile

After the signing up and activating your account, the next step is to set up your profile.

Your profile makes you look legitimate, professional and trustworthy. It is important you be tactful when writing it.

The best method of writing a great profile in my opinion is to check the profile of the top sellers in your niche. Then read up their profile and rewrite it to your own.

Don’t copy it, but use what they write as an inspiration to write yours. Your writing should portray you as a professional in your field.

To write your profile description, click on the edit button (the icon looks like a pen). When done with the editing, click on save.

Next, you should add a picture to your profile. This must not necessarily be your profile; it could be a logo or a banner. You can just go to Google and find an amazing picture that depicts the services you render.

See an example of what I think is a great profile:

make money from Fiverr - great profile

 Adding a Gig

Like I said earlier, a GIG is the service you want to be rendering on Fiverr. For instance, you can have a gig that says: “I will design a logo for you for $5”. That is a gig. You can have many of this gigs; as much as 20 per account.

So to start selling your skill on Fiverr, you need to create your first Gig.

When you are logged in to your new account, you should see a link that reads “start selling” or “create a gig”. The image below shows you what I am saying. Just click on it to begin your gig creation process.

make money on Fiver - create a gig

When you click on “Start Selling” or “Create a Gig” link, the gig creation interface opens and looks like the image below.

make money on Fiverr - gig creation

Let me explain the parameters you see there one after the other.


This is the first part of the “create a new gig” form. It is a very important part of your gig and you shouldn’t joke with it. You should use a descriptive and appealing sentence that will make people want to click on your gig.

This title part shows up as “do something I’m really good at”.

That means you only need to type in what you will do. For example “write an interesting article”.  You don’t need to type the “I will” part of it.

You should use eye catching words on your title to capture the interest of your clients. You should take the following things into consideration when writing your gig title:

  • Use eye catching/ attention grabbing words. I will list them for you shortly
  • Capitalize the 1st letter of each word and capitalize the whole letters of the most important word. For example: “I will Show You a Secret to Rank on the First Page of GOOGLE for $5”. This will make your title more eye-
  • Lastly, ensure you have your main keywords there in the title. This will help your gig optimization.

Examples of attention grabbing word for you to use on your title include:

Absolutely, Challenge, Exclusive, Looted, Revolutionary, Affordable, Colossal, Exploit, Mind-Blowing, Rip-Off, Amazing, Confidential, Explosive, Miracle, Scam, Announcing, Controversial, Famous, Misleading, Scarce, Approved, Corrupt, Fascinating, Mouth-Watering, Secret, Astonishing, Crammed, Feeble, Mutilated, Sensational, Attractive, Critical, Forbidden, Nourishing, Shatter, Authentic, Cutting-Edge, Formidable, Obliterate, Shocking, Avenge, Daring, Frantically, Outlawed, Skyrocket, Banish, Dazzling, Fraud, Overwhelming, Slammed, Banned, Delighted, Gigantic, Payback, Slaughter, Bargain, Despair, Glowing, Plummet, Staggering, Beautiful, Destroy, Greatest, Precious, Startling, Beware, Devastating, Guaranteed, Propaganda, Substantially, Blindsided, Dramatic, Ingenious, Provocative, Surge, Bloodcurdling, Electrifying, Insane, Punishing, Teetering, Bonanza, Empower, Juggernaut, Quivering, Transform, Breakthrough, Endangered, Killer, Reap, Tremendous, Callous, Enormous, Leaped, Refreshing, Undiscovered, Catastrophe, Exciting, Lifetime, Remarkable, Whopping.

Make oney from Fiverr


After the title, the category is the next on the “create a new gig” form. Just make sure you select the right category where your gig falls.

When you select the category, the SUBCATEGORY form will load so you can select a more precise category of your gig. There is no big deal here.


This is a very important part of your gig creation process because it is where you insert the keywords of your gigs. It will be used to place your gig in the listings, so make sure you use the best tags as possible.

To figure out the best tags, put yourself in the position of the buyer; what do you think he will type in Fiverr if he is searching for what you are offering?

A shorter cut like I always say is to look at the tags used by top sellers in your niche.

When you are done with this page, click on “Save & Continue” to move to the next page.

On the next page that shows, you will set up the price structure for your gig.

Using this “3 package feature” enables you to make more money on Fiverr through one gig. With it, you can have different prices for different levels of work on a particular gig.

For example, if you are offering an article writing service, your Basic Package could offer short articles of less than 500 word, the Standard Package could be for 1000 words and your premium package could be for 2000 words.

Then you should enter the price and delivery period for each package.

Down the page, you will see Gig Extras.

You can make extra cash by offering extra gigs. This means charging people more for extra work. For instance, your offer could be to write a 500 word essay in three days for $5. One of your gig extra would now be to do it in one day for an extra $10, or to increase the words in the essay to 1000 for an extra $15.

As a beginner, you are limited to the amount you can charge as your gig extra. as you move up the levels, you will be able to earn more.

When you are done here, click on the Save & Continue button.


make money from Fiver - gig creation description

The next thing is to write your gig description. The page looks as shown above.

This is where you expand on what you wrote on your gig title.

Your gig title captures the potential client’s attention. Your description is meant to get his interest, put a desire in him to buy your services and the will to order your gig.

Tell your potential client what do and the benefits and features they will get from purchasing your gig.

Remember those hot words I gave you above? Use them within your description too. A short cut to get about this is to search for top sellers in your niche who have the same type of gig.

Just look at their description and get the inspiration and idea to write your own.

When done, click Save & Continue.


make money from fiver - gig description

This is where you tell your buyers what you will need to complete their jobs. Normally, you will figure this out yourself. For example, if you are into article writing, you can request your clients to give you the topic to write on.

When done here, click on Save & Continue.


make money from Fiverr - gallery

Here, you will be adding an image that perfectly depicts the gig you are creating. What I normally do here is to Google an image that has to do with my gig.

For example, if the gig is about book writing, I can get an image of a pen on paper from google, and upload it.


Adding a video brings more results according to Fiverr. You can choose to add a video or to ignore and skip it. If you want to add a video, you should choose a video that describe what you do and the benefits/features.

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to do an animation to upload here or you can get an expert to create a video for you if you cannot do it yourself.

Once you are done with all these, you can publish your gig and it becomes instantly available in the search results.

make money from fiverr - publish

You can always edit your gig later by going to “My Gigs” in the “Manage Sales” tab.

To add another gig, mouse over your profile, click on “Selling”. A drop down shows; select “Gigs” from the options and then choose the particular gig you want to edit.

Delivering Your Gigs

This is another important thing to learn. The way you deliver your gig depends on the type of gig you are offering.

If you write articles, eBooks, design logos, banners etc, you can just upload the file to the client from Fiverr portal there.

You do this by opening the order page and clicking on the “Deliver Your Order” link. A pop up appears and you can attach the files there. You can also write one or two sentences to your seller before you click on “deliver job”.

Below is an order page:

make money from Fiverr - order page

Below is the popup that appears when you click on “Deliver Your Order”

Make money from Fiver - delivery page

For some other types of services like website design, SEO services, Youtube View, etc, just get a screenshot that proves the results of your job and submit to the client using the same method above.

Driving More Traffic To Your Gigs

Normally, if your gigs are well optimized, sales will start trickling in.

But to avoid putting your eggs in one basket, you can do the following to improve your sales:

  • Create several versions of the same gig. For example, you can have two gigs talking about the same services
  • Share your gig on Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Upload videos about your gig on YouTube
  • Create blogs and talk about your services there

How To Get Your First Order On Fiver

Some people can come to your gig and like what you offer.

But since you are new and nobody has ordered from you to certify that you are good at what you do, they might not order your gig.

The best way to get your first sale quicker is to get your friends and families to order your first gig and give you a great 5-star review. This will make clients to trust your capability and start ordering from you.

Make oney from Fiverr

Secondly, you should visit the buyer request section of Fiverr every day.

Some buyers, instead of searching for sellers and ordering, prefer to place what they need in the buyer requests so that sellers can come and bid on it.

Fiverr gives you 10bids per day, meaning you can bid on 10 different jobs per day. So you should regularly visit the buyer request section to bid on the buyer’s need.

To ensure you stand a better chance of being ordered by those buyers, you should write a great short proposal, to the client, telling them you understand what they want and has the capacity to deliver it excellently.

To get to the buyer request page,

  1. Click on the “SELLING” link. A dropdown shows.
  2. You can then click on “Buyer request” to start bidding.

Below is an image of a buyer request page:

make money on Fiverr - buyer request


How To Ask For An Increase

For you to make money on Fiverr……I mean good money, you should go beyond doing $5 jobs. I am not saying you shouldn’t do $5 jobs, but your jobs should not predominantly be $5.

As a beginner, you can accept $5 jobs and deliver excellently so you can get a great review from your clients.

When you have gotten a good number of reviews of say 5, or you have gotten to Level 1 in Fiverr, then you can occasionally ask your clients to increase their $5 order.

How do you this?

When you get an order from a client, just message him and politely and professionally tell him that $5 will not be enough to give him a highly professional job that will give him the satisfaction and results he wants.

Then tell him how much he needs to pay to get an excellent job.

In my case, 75% of the clients accept my offer and increase the amount they paid to the amount I asked for. Sometimes, they start negotiating till we come to a rallying point.

Please don’t abuse this. Remember that some clients will not agree to this and insist you do the job at the amount of $5. If you can, just do it for them and do it excellently so that you don’t get a bad review.

REMEMBER: You should try this only when you have enough reviews that show your professionalism and excellence.

So you have it: how to make money on Fiverr.

Since it doesn’t require capital to get started, why not take the bold step to start it today?

If you want to learn more tricks and strategies you can use to increase your sales and pocket $3,000+ every month from Fiverr, click here to learn it.


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