3 Tactics Used By Super Affiliate Marketers To Make Millions Of Dollars In Commission Yearly

affiliate marketing tactics

If you are an internet marketer, you are probably always looking out for that product that will give you the best paycheck when you promote it. This is not bad at all.

But what is bad is when you think that there is a magic formula out there which other super affiliates are using to make a seven figure income online.

The truth is that there is no magic formula to affiliate marketing. It’s all about following good marketing practices that has proven to work over the years. These marketing tactics are not rocket science and can be implemented by even a newbie only if they are ready to dedicate quality time on it.

If you want to survive and earn huge commissions in the affiliate marketing world, here are three tactics you must apply to your marketing:

1. Using A Unique Web Page For Each Product You Want To Promote.

Super affiliates take their time to devote a unique page for each product they want to promote and you should do the same.

While you can lump the different products you are promoting on the same page, it is not going to produce good results for it. In fact, it will make the reader confused on which of the products to promote.

When you devote a unique page for each product, you will have enough space to write a good review of it. You can tell the reader in more details, how the product is going to help him solve his problem.

You can also add testimonials from those who have used the product to reinforce the reader’s confidence that they are going to get a good product. Meanwhile ensure you have the permission to use someone’s permission to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

The content of the page must be carefully crafted in a way that it will convince the reader to take action. And of course, you must put a call to action at different parts of the page….maybe at the middle and at the end.

Devoting a unique page to each product you are promoting will massively increase your chances of getting the sale from the reader.

2. Capture The Email Of The Reader

When your prospects lands on the page where you are promoting the product, there are two things they must do: either to buy or leave.

If they buy, you will earn a commission. But if they leave, you will lose the commission and the opportunity of reselling to them again.

So ensure that you put a sign up box beside the page where you are writing about the product. The sign up box must be very catchy and have a strong bait that must entice the prospects to submit their emails so as to get it.

In that case, if they don’t buy at the moment, you can follow them up in their inbox with useful information and great reasons why buying that product would be a wise decision for them. Let them know what they would miss by not buying.

However, be careful not to sound too pushy and avoid spam words in the body of your email. This will ensure your email doesn’t end in the spam folder.

Also, make sure that your email subject is very catch…..so catchy that your readers are pushed to open and read it. Applying this will make you close more sales on the product.

Of course, you can just automate this follow up with an autoresponder like GetResponse. This means you can load the follow up emails in an autoresponder tool and have it automatically follow up the prospect till they end up buying the product.

3. Send Targeted Traffic To The Page You Are Promoting

When you have written a very informative and persuasive article on the product, you should find way to draw targeted traffic to it. Make sure you identify where the prospects who are most likely to buy the product are located and then place the article before them.

You can either use free or paid traffic to drive targeted visitors to the page. When you focus on driving traffic to the pages where you are promoting a product rather than just your ordinary articles, then you are more likely to clinch the sale.

Remember, you are likely to get a sale from 1 in 100 prospects that visit your website. So if you can draw 1000 visitors to your website daily, you can expect to get 10 sales daily on average.

These are the tactics used by the super affiliates to make more money.

You see that they are very simple. It only requires that you devote a little more time to applying it and you can start earning a better income than you are currently earning.

So go ahead and try them and watch your affiliate commission grow faster than you expect.

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